About the platform

The founders of the FMCG academy have 20+years working with all types of FMCG factories, implementing change programmes that were guaranteed to deliver bottom line benefit. We wanted to understand what it takes to make factories survive and thrive, and believe that the key to success is ensuring no important area is left behind. The basic concepts have been available to the very largest manufacturers for a long time through big implementation programmes, but we dreamed of making the ideas and concepts affordable for all manufacturers. Cloud based software and modern animation makes this possible for the first time.

Our aim is to provide information not just about what best practice looks like, but about what the journey looks like. We also want to create real 2-way communication with everyone in the factory so that the message of what is and isn’t working can be heard. The FMCG Academy is carefully designed to help a factory improve. Lots of people talk about the important of knowing “What good looks like”, and that’s true – but not as important as knowing “What effective looks like”. We use animations and video to explain concepts across all the important areas to unlock improved productivity performance as outlined in the OPEN process. This includes what to measure in the Observe step, how to prioritise plans, and the tools and techniques to be used in the Engage and Nurture steps across a wide range of area such as problem solving, effective meetings, or how to set a manufacturing vision and cascade objectives throughout the factory.

If you want to know what to do next to make the biggest difference, then the Review account allows you to rate each of the 32 OPEN areas along with the 5 Foundations to see where your factory currently exists on a 1-5 scale from Ineffective, Experimenting, Effective, Good Practice and Best Practice. The animations explain the concepts behind each area, and help show what the next step is. The audit helps visualise where in the journey towards Excellence the factory currently is, and point out what is important to work on now, and what can wait for later in the journey. Quick results come when a business ensures everything is effective rather than focussing on making a few areas Good Practice rather and leaving other areas Ineffective.

The greatest results comes when everyone in the factory can contribute to the review – real communication is 2-way, and in this regard it means continually providing information to everyone in the factory about what the next stage in the journey should look like, and listening to each person’s view on what is and isn’t working effectively in the factory.

The FMCG academy is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, dedicated to supporting FMCG manufacturers. We care passionately about continuous improvement, so it would be strange if we didn’t want to improve ourselves? Please give us a go, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the site, and what else you think would be useful.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy using the platform!