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About the platform

The founders of the FMCG academy have 20+ years working with all types of FMCG factories, implementing change programmes that are guaranteed to deliver bottom line benefit.

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About Us

The FMCG Academy believes that access to Factory Operational Excellence Knowledge should be for all. There is an overwhelming amount of information on improvement out there, but much of it is not right for FMCG, or “not right yet”, and it is often confusing to filter out what is right for an individual factory. Every FMCG factory should be able to improve itself and become the “best in class”.

What's Our Aim?

Our aim is to:

Cut through the Jargon with 2 minute explainer videos on a range of Operational Excellence practices.,Make practices which are often dressed up as complicated, simple to understand.,Provide a simple to use Audit tool to enable any FMCG factory to benchmark where it is on the FMCG journey.,To outline the next steps on the journey - not simply what "Good looks like", but "Given where you are now, what should you do next.",To provide information and resources that should enable any FMCG factory to improve - to be effective in each OpEx key area, and aspiring to Good Practice and Excellence.

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